Mass email marketing Solutions

Using email marketing solutions in your ad campaigns means sending bulk email to the masses. In order to use email marketing effectively you need to make sure that you use the right mass email marketing solutions so that you are bale to reach out to target clients. It would enable you to promote your online business to a wider audience and get better quality traffic at your site. So if you need mass email marketing solutions for your site then you can contact an online media company that deals with email marketing solutions. They can help you design your email ads and can also provide you with optedin email list so that you can reach out to the target consumers. You can buy email traffic through them and can also look for bulk email sending software so that you can send your email to all the target consumers at once. Renting a bullet proof server is also advisable as it would help you to avoid being labeled as spam and is more effective. It is best to hire professionals for your mass email marketing solutions as they would ensure that the campaign is effective enough and gets you quality traffic.

About core email advertising

Using email advertising as the core tool for promoting your online business can be very beneficial and help you to get the desired traffic at your site easily. But for this you need to make sure that you choose the right kind of email campaign that can help you in promoting your company. It is best to choose target based email marketing solutions which can help you to reach out to the right candidates. You can contact a good media company for this which can help you to get the right email marketing solutions. They can design the packages for you and also help you to get geo targeted traffic. So if you need to reach out to consumers from a specific region then you can choose them for your media campaign. You can buy email traffic through these companies which would help you to contact the people who are actually interested in knowing more about your website.
The companies that provide with email marketing solutions can not only help you to get the opted email list but can also provide bulk email sending services so that you can send the mail to number of people at once. They can also design the email ad so that it is impressive and can help you get more traffic at your site.

Role of effective email marketing in media campaigns

Email marketing solutions are quite popular with the advertisers who are looking forward to get better quality traffic at their website. They therefore opt for the email marketing packages which can promote their website and help them to get quality traffic. Using effective email marketing in your advertisement campaign is considered to be very advantageous and would enable you to reach out to the target consumers efficiently. You can use email advertisement to let them know about your new products and services and get attract them to visit your site and know more about the same. It is a form of direct marketing that has a good impact on the advertisers.

When you choose email marketing then you are able to reach out to target consumers personally and ensure that they notice your email ad. For making the campaign ore successful it is best to buy email traffic wherein you can buy an optedin email list and reach out to people who are likely to be interested in your products and services. This would help you to enjoy a better click through rates and promote your brand better. The companies that deal in email traffic can also help you design your campaign so that it is effective enough.

SEO Content writing services - Your websites first impression

Impressing your costumer’s with your website is very important in order to get them to visit your site again. For this it is important that the content that is there on your website is attractive enough. Using SEO content writing services can therefore turn out to be very effective and help you to get quality traffic at your site easily. When you choose to get professional SEO service then you are able to get a good ranking with the search engines also and this can further help you get better traffic at your site.

The SEO content writing services can be hired to get better content at your website. You can also use it to for article marketing and it would enable you to get the right traffic at your site. The SEO articles are written by the SEO experts and they make sure that it appealing enough and are impressive as well. They try to provide you with fresh content that is SEO keywords enriched so that the site can come up on the organic search result as well. Using the SEO enrich content helps you to improve the ranking of your website and would thus help you to get quality traffic at your site easily.

Variable to use for source id tracking

variable which you need to use inorder to capture source id is %sid%

so, it will be inserted like

here value of traffic source id will be passed to client source id variable.

Content writing services - important part of web development

When it comes to web development and promotion, one can not ignore the advantages associated with the content writing services. When you include article writing in your campaign then you are able to draw better quality traffic for your site. The online media company that deals in content writing services would be able to provide you with SEO enriched content. They make sure that the content that they provide to you is of good quality and is fresh. Using this kind of content for your website which includes the right keywords would help your site to be listed in the organic search result and you would get to enjoy a good ranking with the search engines. Using the content writing services in article directories would help you to get target traffic at your site and promote it more effectively.

Hiring offshore content writing firms for this may help the advertisers to get better quality work at a very low price. They can help you to get other kinds of advertising tools also which can promote your brand effectively and help you get the right kind of traffic at your site. The content writing services are economical and are considered to be very efficient in promoting your company.

Offshore Content writing solutions - providing a better quality driving services

Using offshore content writing solutions can turn out to be very efficient and can help you to get good traffic at your site easily many of the online businesses are using online marketing tools that can help them to promote the site and reach out to the target clients. Article writing has picked up a lot of popularity in the last few years and is used by many of them. If you feel that the content writing solutions offered by the companies in your own country is expensive then you can choose offshore content writing solutions. Hiring the offshore companies would help you to get fresh content for your site and this can turn out to be a better investment. The offshore companies may provide you with better quality driving services at a lower price and this ways you can advertise your online site to the target consumers better.

Hiring an expert for the content writing solutions is better as they would provide you with better SEO enriched content which would not only promote your brand but can also get you good ranking with the search engine. You can contact a good offshore online media company for this and they can advertise your brand better.

Offshore content writing solutions - a better alternate for foreign clients

Getting quality traffic at your website is considered to be important for the success of any online business. So people are now choosing the content writing solutions which are considered to be quite effective. But if you are finding it to be expensive then you can try offshore content writing solutions. This implies that you can hire an offshore company to design your campaigns and provide you with content writing solutions. The prices of the service might differ than what is charged by the writers in your own country. This way the offshore content writing solutions are considered to be a better alternate for the foreign clients.

Article writing services have become quite popular as it helps the online websites to get better quality traffic. So if you are planning to include article marketing in your campaign then you can look for offshore services that can help you to good articles promoting your site. You can contact online media site that deals in SEO based content solutions and provide them to offshore clients. Hiring an offshore company would also enable you to fresh content and using them will enable you to get a better ranking and more quality traffic easily.

Offline Billboard Advertising in US

Advertising on outdoor billboards can be quite efficient as they are able to catch the passer-byes attention easily. So if you are targeting at people at a specific place in the US and need to reach out to US clients then offline billboard advertising or the outdoor billboards advertisement cane be effective. The billboards used in this case are very big in size so that people can notice them easily. The text size is large enough so that the people driving by it can read it without straining their eyes. The bill board ads can be placed at a specific location or you can also opt for the bus bill board advertising which is economical and is gaining a lot of popularity in the US.

In order to use offline billboard advertising in US, you can contact a company that rent out the bill board space. You can then rent it and reach out to the people easily. If you find the offline billboard advertising to be beyond your budget then you can try choosing the online advertising that can help you reach out to the target consumers. Choosing geo targeted traffic would enable you to make your campaign more successful and would enable you to reach out to the target clients.

Popunder advertising, core of display ads

Using display ads for promoting your online business can turn out to be very profitable. But investing in the right kind of display ad is also very important. So if you want to get good quality traffic at your site then you can invest in popunder advertising which is considered to be the core of display ads. The popunder ads are considered to be eye catchy and more appealing as compared to the other kind of advertisement. You can choose to invest in contextual popunder ads that enjoy a better click through rate and can turn out to be a good investment.

Many advertisers prefer to buy popunder advertising traffic for their website as it helps in making their website more popular. In order to make the ad campaign successful it is important then the campaign is designed efficiently. A popunder ad which is relevant to what the user may be interested in is bound to get more traffic. Choosing the right display and graphics for the ad also plays a major role in attracting people to the ad. So you can contact an online media company who can help you design your popunder ad and can get you good traffic easily. 

Online display media ads, cheap branding solution

Branding your online business is important to get the right amount of traffic at it. If you are worried about the expenses then you can relax now. With online display media ads, the advertisers can now look forward to get cheap branding solution that can popularize their website easily. The display media ads are economical to invest in and are noticed by the target consumers as well. You can choose banner ads, popunder ads or other such options that are quite efficient in reaching out to the target consumers. Email marketing can also be considered for advertising your online website as it can reach out to the target consumers efficiently.

If you are planning to invest in email marketing then you can buy email traffic through the online media company. Buying the target email traffic would allow you to advertise your site to people who are likely to be interested in your products and services. They would be clicking on the emails to know more about the website and this ways you can make your advertising campaign more successful. Using the right kind of display media ads would help you to promote your website better and get you better traffic at it.

What is 404 Error?

Sometimes when you enter a URL in the address bar and try to open then you may have seen a message saying 404 Error or Not Found. This is an HTTP error message and is basically a standard response code from HTTP server. The message indicates that the URL request was sent to the server from the client but the server was unable to open it. The 404 error message is different from the Server not found error code. In the latter, the client’s request is not sent to the server.

When you get a 404 error code then it may simply imply that the requested URL is not available temporarily. You may however try opening it again and may be able to open it. The error can appear if the client has mistyped the URL. If the message says ‘Not found’ then the server may not have been able to find the URL but when it says Error 404 their may be an error from the user’s end. Sometimes the HTML page may mention Error 404 and Not Found as well. In such case the possible reasons are mentioned so that you can check and search for the URL again.

What are whitelisted Servers?

White listed servers refer to the list of servers that have been approved by the authorities.
These servers are considered to be of good quality and are preferred by the user as the whitelisted servers also manage to enjoy a good reputation. A whitelisted server is safe to use and updated as well. They make use of the latest technology which makes it easy for the users to use this server. When you use a whitelisted server then you also don’t have to worry about spamming. These servers use special software that prevents the virus from getting into the server and then into your system. Most of the brands therefore prefer to use the whitelisted servers and you can find the good ones using them.

So if you want to get good clients then you need to make sure that the server you use for your site is a trusted and approved whitelisted server. Using this would help you to forget about spamming and make your website more efficient. The users would also trust your website and would visit it again and again. So if you are hosting your site then make sure that you choose whitelisted servers for the same.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is quite prominent these days and refers to the marketing system where the marketer uses an individual to promote his message. This is done through emails or through the social networking sites these days. The latter is more popular and effective in the present times and word of mouth is also used for promoting the site. For instance, if you like a certain page on a social networking website, then the ad for that site is replicated and shown to everyone who is there in your friend list. Similarly sometime the advertisement is given by the mail service that you use and whenever you send mail through that then the ad is sent out to your receiver. This way you become a host and help the site to promote it. Many of the adv4rtisers use viral marketing in their campaign as it is very cost effective and can reach out to wider consumers easily. Initially hotmail used viral marketing through its email service to reach out to more people. Since then it has evolved and the advertiser uses different hosts to promote their website and get more clients. With the popularity of Social Media, the viral marketing has also developed and is quite successful.

Define traffic?

The traffic is an important element for any website on the internet. The term traffic denotes to the number of people who visit a website and cine the websites exists for these users, it is important to get a good traffic. When a site gets a good traffic then it is also able to promote its own products and services and get better revenue. It is therefore very important to use the different tools available to you that can help you to get a better traffic and increase your revenue. A good traffic can also help a website to get a good ranking with the search engines and again reach out to more people. A healthy traffic indicates a success of the site and you can turn the traffic into potential clients. The term target traffic refers to the target consumer that one wants on his site. For instance, a shopping website would like to target at shopping traffic.

If you are not able to get good target traffic at your site then you can use online advertising that can help people to know about your site. It would improve the amount and quality of traffic that you receive and is quite fruitful. On the other hand if you have good traffic then you can be a publisher and earn revenue by advertising other sites on your webpage.

What is 302 redirects?

302 redirects is a temporary redirect status which is also a web server function. As per the function, an URL is directed to a new one through the temporary 302 redirect. It is basically a way by which the HTTP redirects the client to a new location for a temporary period. For instance if a client is visiting site and the content have been moved to page b for the time being then this is 302 redirect. The move is not permanent and therefore for future purpose the user should go to page an only. The 302 redirect is performed directly by the browser and the user doesn’t have to do anything. He can enter the original URL of the site on the address bar and the browser would take him to the temporary address on its own.

The move is temporary until the original URL is reestablished. This is why the user should keep checking the original webpage time and again to see if it has been reestablished. In this case the content would again be shifted to the original site and would no longer be available at the redirected site. Apart from 302 redirects, other kinds of URL redirects are also there and can be implemented by the different sites.

What is spider?

Spider here refers to a bot or a Crawler which is a computer automated software used in the internet. The spider is used by the search engines to get information and a copy of the different pages that exist online. The system helps the search engines from indexing the sites that are related to the users search. The spider works just like a Robot where it functions on a given instruction in case of web spider, it basically crawls over the millions of pages on the internet and captures the text data and stores it with itself.

As a user when you go to a search engine and enter keywords, searching for information on it, then the crawler or the spider only helps the search engine to get you the listing. It is not possible for the spider to check all the available websites together so it is best to make use of SEO and other tools that can help the spider to notice your site and capture it. it can then only add your name to the listing and indexing. Since the spider captures text, it is important to use the right keywords and tag the images appropriately so that they may be captured by it and stored for later use.

What is skyscraper?

Skyscraper in terms of the internet refers to internet advertisements that are used by a number of websites. The advertisement in this case is in the form of vertical column and represents a skyscraper, thus the term skyscraper ads. They have a narrow width and vertically longer. Sometime their height may range from 500 pixels to 800 pixels also while the width is maintained between 120 and 160 pixels. Earlier there was no standard size for skyscraper ads but now the IAB has defined the skyscrapers size and has given a standard size so that the advertisers can design their ad according to it. There are two kinds of skyscrapers ads- normal ads and wide skyscraper ads. While the size for standard ad is fixed at 120X600, a wide skyscraper is 160 X 600. With the introduction of standard sizes, the popularity of skyscraper ads grew and they are now widely used by online advertisers. They are referred to as skyscraper banner ads and are a part of display advertisement. One can add buttons and graphics to this ad to make it look more alluring and can easily reach out to the target consumers. to get a good skyscraper ad for promoting your business you can contact an online media company which can help you with the same.

What are rich media ads?

When you see online ads, you might have come across ads that have videos and graphics playing in it. These are called as rich media ads. The rich media ads make use of interactive media and this is why it is referred to as rich media ad. It includes videos and audio which start playing when a user moves the mouse over them or clicks on the ad. This term was first used by Intel and they are considered to be very popular with the users.

In Rich media ads the advertiser uses interactive ads in the form of video, animation, audios etc which manages to catch the user’s attention easily. Such ads are known to get better response from the viewers and this is why the advertisers try to use them in their ad campaign. Clicking on the rich media ads plays it or at times it also takes the viewer to the advertised website. In some cases the video or sound may start automatically and this may not be liked by the viewers. Repetitive ads are also avoided by the user and the page also takes a little time in opening. So it is better to choose the rich media ads that are operated manually by the user.

What are push ads?

The advertisement that is pushed towards a user even when he hasn’t asked for it is called as push ads and is prevalent in all kinds of media channels. For instance, when we browse through a magazine then we may see a number of advertisements there. We didn’t ask for the ads but they are still there and re noticed by us. The magazine gets its finance from these push ads only and this is why they use them. The advertisers use the push ads to reach out to the smaller group of people who may find the push ad to be useful for him.

Over the internet also push ad is very much dominant and can be seen in the form of banner ads, popunder ads etc. the internet user do not ask for these ads but they are still advertised to them. The push ads are considered to be important by the advertisers as it helps him to approach the target consumers and helps him to build a good brand image as well. Using the push ad on another web page enables the advertiser to draw traffic from that page and advertise his own website efficiently. Spamming is also a part of push ads where the mail is sent to the user even when he hasn’t subscribed to it.

What are proxy servers?

The proxy servers refer to the servers that link the clients and the web server and are very important in web world. When a user sends in a request to a server, the proxy server reads it first and acts on it. It manages the traffic on the network and ensures that it is fast. For this is reads the user’s request and caches the pages that are popularly used by the user. This way all the information from the page is not downloaded again and it helps the user to open the site at a faster speed. It then uses the web server only when the user needs some new information and helps in reducing the web server’s load.

Some of the companies also use the proxy servers for logging purpose to maintain a record of who logged when and for how long. It is also known to censor or block the site that the user wishes to avoid. Thus it can be placed on the user’s computer directly and he can put parental control or security control on it to make sure that his personal information is safe. Thus the proxy servers have a number of benefits and are therefore considered to be very important.

Server Location and time zone

Adserver Location: Germany
Timer Zone: Central European Standard Time (GMT +1)

Please make sure you keep in mind that you make all day parting settings based on above time zone, while selecting and scheduling campaigns.

You can cross check this timings inside your logins area aswell.

Serving Time Zone.

What do you mean by display advertising?

An advertisement on display, which is visible to the people, is called as a display advertisement. It is very popular with different medias and is especially more so with online marketing. The different kinds of display ads are used by the online businesses to attract the target consumers to their own site and get better traffic. These ads are considered to be effective as they are noticed by the target consumers and are interactive. Click on the display ad diverts the user to the advertised website and helps the advertiser to get quality traffic. Different kinds of display ads are available to the advertiser and he can choose them to get better traffic. The main thing here is that the ad should be advertised efficiently and should be attractive so that more people get to notice it and may visit the same.

Using contextual display ads in the form of popunder ads, popup ads, banner ads etc is very effective in promoting one’s website. The advertiser needs to use attractive videos, graphics and text which can help him to draw the user’s attention to his own site and get him to his site. He can then turn the visitor into potential clients and make the display advertising campaign more successful.

What is meant by Demographics?

The term demography related to statistics which are based on population of a particular place and is used to categorize on different basis. In terms of internet demographics refer the statistical data related to the internet population. It helps you to understand and measure the kind of the visitor’s that visits a particular site on the internet. It is considered to be very important for the online businesses as it helps them to determine their target audience and use the marketing tools which can help them to reach out to them. The internet surveys are considered to be very important and efficient as it helps the website owners to understand the internet audience and get the right demographics about them.

Using the internet demographics helps the website owners to get to know more about the internet users. . It is especially very useful for an upcoming website as it allows him to understand the market better and use the right tool according to it. The demographics helps the website owners to understand people’s social behavior and preference. For instance, the internet demographics show that a higher percentage of teenagers visit the social media sites as compared to people from other age groups.

What is crawler?

The crawler or Spider or a Bot refers to a special computer automated system which is generally used by the search engines for indexing the relevant sites. The crawler crawls over the different kinds of web pages and copies the content and stores them. When a user looks for a specific keyword then the crawler looks into the storage and provides the search engine with the relevant information and that too without taking too much time. The crawler mostly goes through the text of the site only and is able to capture that and store it in its own database. It also crawls over the website that it has covered in the past and checks it for new developments and changes and then acknowledges the same. It is very useful for the search engines and for SEO purpose as it makes the search engine’s work faster and more efficient.

Apart from the search engine crawlers there are others kinds of BOT or crawlers also which may work on an altogether different set of instruction. For instance, the crawlers may be used someone to simply get a list of email addresses which are then used for spamming. Until and unless the website is not crawled it may not show up in the search engines result and this is why it is considered to be very important. 

What is cookie buster?

Cookies are text files which stores particular information on the browser that can be used again. it is harmless but the hackers and spy ware may however use them to add virus to your system or to get important information about the user. If you want to avoid this then you can use the cookie buster, which is special software. The cookie buster blocks the server from placing a cookie on the user’s browser or computer. Using the software would help you to maintain your privacy and does not allow the websites to track your activities online or to get information about you.

When a user visits a website then the web server sends some of the information related to the user to the web browser. This information is stored in the form of a text file which does not affect anyone. When the user visits a website belonging to the particular web server then it retrieves the information from the cookie to understand the user’s preference. So the text cookie file does not harm the computer or gets it infected. But if a hacker or spy ware software gets hold of the cookie from your computer then that can cause harm to you. This is why the cookie buster was introduced that prevents the browser from saving the information on your computer.

Redirect / Popup / Popunder Campaign setup

Which Creative type to choose while i have to setup Popup/Popunder / Redirect Campaign - where i need traffic on a specific URL.

You have to Choose - Redirect DATA and click Next..

ASP website Development services

If you need a dynamic website for your online business then you can choose the ASP website development services. ASP refers to Active Serve Pages and is a script that is used for developing the websites. The script is generally used for heavy website as the script can control it efficiently. This script was developed by Microsoft. Some of the ASP based websites are considered to be faster and you can thus choose this script for your website. if you need to get a new website then you can choose a company that provides with ASP website development services and ensure that it runs smoothly enough.

Some of the companies that provide with web development services also offer online media deals which can help you to promote your website. It provides you with good advertising and marketing tools that can help you to reach out to the target consumers and get a good traffic at your site. The web developer can suggest the right scripting language and the advertising campaign for your site which would ensure that it enjoys a good ranking with the search engine and can help you to get good business. You can then turn the traffic into potential clients and thus get a good result through the ASP website development services.

What is cookie?

The cookie here does not refer to the eatables ones but to the text files that are stored on your computers. The text files or the cookies are sent by websites that you visit and are stored on your computer at a specific location. These cookies are also referred to as web cookie, HTTP cookie or browser cookie. The web server sends the cookie to your web browser and it is retrieved every time you open a page from the particular server. It helps the server to identify the user with the help of the retrieved cookie. For instance, when you visit a website that asks you to fill an online form then the information is sometimes stored in the text file or cookie. Whenever you visit a website which is related to the particular web server then you don’t have to fill similar forms the information is retrieved from the cookie. It is mostly used to store a user’s id so that when he visits the website again he doesn’t have to retype it again.

The cookies can not essentially harm your computer or infect it with virus and are considered to harmless. However, hackers and spy ware software can get these cookies from your browser and use the information to invade into your privacy.

What is fraud click?

Advertisers who use PPC advertisement in their campaign may be aware of fraud click or click frauds as they are commonly called. It refers to a fraudulent practice where software is used that clicks on the PPC ads on its own. The click is recorded by the advertiser and the publisher but it does not really help the advertised site to get any real traffic. an advertise uses the PPC ads to each out to the target consumers and inform them of his site so that it may help him to get better traffic as well. But when the publisher uses the click fraud software on the ad then the software clicks on the ad automatically but the site doesn’t get real traffic. The click is registered by the site and the publisher gets to earn revenue. The advertiser may however face a loss in this case as the ad campaign as efficient as it seems to him. To avoid click frauds and get genuine traffic on your website it is best to use advertisements with cookies. It helps you to register the unique visitors who visit your site and helps you to get genuine traffic only. Using Cost per action ads can also help the advertisers to avoid the fraud clicks.

Adding Creative - Redirects

Here we go with step by step procedure for the same:-

Click on the Creative Link
Click on the creative Link under campaign to open Creative setup process.

Choose Campaign Type
Based on what kind of campaign choose from Drop down.

For Popunder/Popup/Redirect - where ads are to be served to a URL, Choose Redirect Data

We use this for mobile app redirects aswell.

Setup for Redirects

for Redirect Campaign setup.
Write Campaign Name, Target URL & URL.

Let the other values be default and move to next step.

You need to choose targeting, etc if in case you want this creative to be targeted in different way, otherwise default Campaign targeting settings will apply to it.

Setting up Advertiser Campaign

Login to your account , inside advertiser account you can see campaigns tab , click on there.

Advertiser panel

Click on the Tab Campaigns to see various campaign setup and monitoring options.

Steps for Campaign setup

* All Mandatory Setting fields are in RED to ensure quick setup.

A Tab - General Set up
general campaign setup 
Campaign setup General Tab
1. Enter Campaign Name           
2. Select Campaign Status.         
    Choose Ready -Go live on approval 
    Active       -  Live                          Deactivate - Paused               
3. Start Stop dates.
4. Enter email id for reports and select freq. of email for campaign reports.

B TAB - Delivery Set up

Delivery Setup
1. Planning - Keep delivery Open
2. If target not reached - Stop or Continue?

Select Continue, to continue campaign beyond stop date. if undelivered campaign and you want to stop with partial delivery, click on Stop.
3. Priority: Choose from 1 to 5, 5 is highest.
4. Day Time Distribution: Even/ASAP
5. Period Distribution: ASAP/Even/Optimized.
6. Delivery Schedule - This will open up option to choose from delivery slot from 7 days x 24 hrs. So, you can do exact targeting based on time.
7. Creative Rotation: If you have multiple landing pages or banners you can use this feature to optimize based on CTR, eCPM or Actions.
8. Post view Tracking.

C TAB - Pricing Set up

* Please note for bids ' , ' is used for decimal separator. So 0.75 cpm bid will be inserted as 0,75

Please note Min CPM Bids: $0,50 - for campaigns to trigger.  

CPM Section - Price setup
Select check Box on CPM before discount.
Select 15% Agency Commission if you are an agency, and 2% Cash Discount if applicable for you. Remember this will lower down your effective bid on publisher end effecting you effective spend, and is usefull only if you are an agency.

Views Booked: Mention total no of impression for the campaign
Max views: Max daily impressions per day

CPC Banner Campaign Price setup

Choose these settings same way like CPM settings, if you want to RUN a CPC Banner Campaign. Please leave them unchecked for Popup/Popunder Campaigns.

 Select Max Daily Spend Budget in USD.

D TAB - Targeting Set up

Invert Option allow you to Targeted everything else other than which is selected. Example in geo targeting when you choose Target Country India with invert option, it will target all countries except India. It works in same way with Carrier, Device, Speed, IP and other targeting options.

Geo Targeting Section

Choose which Country / City / State / Region. You would like to target

ISP/Carrier Provider 3G/4G targeting

Network Provider Targeting - Carrier Targeting option for Mobile Inventory and ISP targeting for Desktop.

Network Speed targeting 

Choose which network you want to target based on speed, choose from Analog / Modem, DSL/Cable, Company netowork & Mobile Network.

Profile Targeting

Select from options to targeted user or audience based on different profiles.

Browser targeting

Target users based on different browsers. Amazon, Chrome, Comodo, Firefox, IE, MIUI, Opera, Safari, UC and more.
Device targeting

Target Traffic based on devices they are browsing, Desktop, Smartphones, Tables and smart TV's.
Selected IP's or Range Targeting

Target traffic based on specific IP range or set of ips.

Language Targeting

Choose language you would like to target.

OS Targeting

Choose Operating System you would like to target, choose from windows (various versions), Android, Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS, Linux, Symbian and more..

Traffic Type targeting

Target Mobile Web based / InAPP inventory.
Retargeting old converted audience, and parameter targeting.

other than this, Domain URL, Keyword and App Targeting options are also available in beta testing mode.

E TAB - Optimization Set up

Freq Capping Optimization

Optimization mainly has to do with the Freq cap settings.
you can setup freq cap you prefer based on your campaign requirement, standard freq cap is 1 visit per 24 hrs, 1/24H.

Once Campaign Setup is done, we need to setup Creative for this campaign. 

cpanel is available in how many languages

cPanel is available in 10 different languages, Client can choose this option from

My Settings --> Contact Info.

Select Language
you will see these options, when you click on the Contact info language option tab.

Advertiser Account

Once your account is approved and you login to your account, please make sure to update your contact info and other necessary details.

advertiser info
Advertiser Account - Contact details section.
First name:
Last name:
ZIP code*:
Language: 10 different languages available for clients.
Report email: email reports frequency

How do i Login to Self Serve CPM Platform?

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Explain Cache busting

Cache refers to a storage unit that stores certain data in a reserved memory and helps in making the system faster. When you work on the internet there also the browser cache the page you visit so that when you visit it again it opens up faster. The cache busting is related to that where a special code is used by the cache buster on a browser. The code prevents the browser from reading if the webpage has already been viewed by the user and has been cached in computer.

Using a cache buster on your browser doesn’t mean that you don’t get the file. Instead it just stops the browser from using that file from the cached memory. For this, a random number is inserted by the cache buster into the advertisement tag every time a page reloads on the user’s computer. This way the ad has a unique code and is not read by the cache memory. It is read as a new file by the cache memory. It is generally used by the publisher and allows him to show the advertiser that the ad has had more unique visitors than the actual number. It helps the publisher to get better inventory and is therefore popular with them.

What is caching

Caching is a storage tool on the computer which the data in a reserved memory. When the user searches for the specific data then the cache memory helps him to get it a faster rate. The instructions that are used repeatedly are mostly stored in the cache memory and help the CPU to perform the task at a faster speed. Using the cache memory for storing such information enables the CPU to avoid using the system bus in the motherboard for transferring the data. He can process the data at a faster rate by using the cache memory instead of processing it through motherboard’s system bus. Using the latter slows down the system and this is why caching is preferred.

The cache memory is generally in the CPU and is referred to as level 1. However it may also be on a separate unit near the CPU and is then called as level 2 cache. A computer may both the cache memory. Using more caches in your system can help in improving your system’s performance and is therefore considered to be very useful.  It is best to buy a computer with a built in cache memory as it enjoys a better efficiency and makes the system faster.

Explain buffering

The term buffering is not uncommon to the internet and is especially associated with video downloads. In buffering, the computer basically uses a temporary physical storage area that holds the date while the CPU manipulates it and then transfers it from one device to another. Since it is a temporary storage unit that holds the data for a limited time only, if not saved then the data can be lost.

When you see online videos and don’t want to download it then also buffering is used. The video streams on your computer so that you can see it without downloading the video. When you click on the play button then the computer takes a little before starting the video. During that period it buffers the video and stores in a temporary place and then shows you the output only when the video has streamed well enough to be viewed. The buffering time depends upon the internet traffic and a longer time would make your video a little slow and static. The buffering time is also dependent upon the player that you use for viewing the video. If the internet connection and the player used are not efficient then buffering takes a lot of time and the user may feel annoyed with it.

What do you mean by bounce rate?

Bounce rate is related to the internet and refers to percentage of people who visit a website and leave it after viewing a single page. Many times people visit a particular webpage, read the information on the opened page only and then leave the website, that is, they bounce away. It is calculated on the basis of percentage. For instance, if your website gets 1000 visitors in a day out of which 500 bounced away then the bounce rate here is 50 %. The bounce rate may not essentially indicate anything specific about a website and may depend on the website. For instance, in case of a dictionary website, the bounce rate is generally low as the visitors are mostly concerned about finding the meaning of a word only.
Bouncing occurs due to a number of reasons. In most cases it occurs when a user closes a window or types in another website’s name and leaves the current webpage. If a person leaves a single page on for long time then the session time’s out and this is also counted in as bounce rate. Clicking on the back button to exit the website is also considered to be bouncing and is taken into account while determining the bounce rate.

What is a directory?

Directory here refers to a web directory that stores the web resources on it just like a telephone directory stores numbers on it. It is also referred to as web directory or link directory as it helps in linking a site with the other web sites. The directory is also known to categorize the links on the basis of their categories and sub categories. The categorization done by website is not on the basis of a keyword or as per a single page. Instead, the directory takes into account the complete webpage and then categorizes it. The entries that one finds on a web directory are also not listed out by spiders as in case of search engines. The entries listed are in fact mostly found by humans who view the website and then categorize it.

The web directories may search for the different websites and link it directly. However, the website owners also have the ease to submit their site so that it may be included in the web directory. The submission is reviewed by the editors at the directory and is then accepted by them. Listing your website on a relevant directory and the right category can help you to get traffic at your site.

What do you mean by 3rd party tags?

When an advertiser and publisher comes together to work together then they need a code which can help the advertiser to know how effective the ad campaign has been for him. Using a code or a tag on the advertisement would help the advertiser to count how many people have come to his site through the ad. The publisher also uses a tag or code to count the number of people who may have clicked at the ad and have been directed to the advertised site. The publisher’s tag count may however vary from the advertiser’s tag count due to server errors. In order to avoid the confusion here, the publisher and the advertiser opt for 3rd party tags that can provide him with a mutual answer. They can both use the 3rd party tags or scripts that are provided for free or at a very low price. Setting up the 3rd party tags is quite easy as they are well developed and come along with installation guideline. The third party tags help the advertiser to collect the visit statistic and also help him to know from where the traffic came. Most of the website relies on them to get the accurate visit statistics.

What are remnant ads?

Remnant ads exist in all sorts of media channels which are used for advertising and refer to the media space that remains unsold. It exists in TV, radio, newspapers and online ads also and is generally available at discounted prices.  In case of the internet advertisements, the important spaces are generally sold at very high price and are sold through a bidding system. The less important space is left to the advertisers and is provided at discounted price. This is what is called as remnant ads and is preferred by the advertisers who do not have a high advertising budget. Fro instance, when you choose TV ads then the morning time advertisement may be available to you at a lower price as compared to the prime time. It would help you to reach out to limited costumers only but would still advertise the company.

It is important for a website to get traffic and for that advertising the site is essential. The website owners or online businesses who work with limited budget and are setting up the site initially may find it difficult to invest in high priced advertisement. They can easily buy remnant ads online that can help them to gain some amount of traffic.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting refers to behavioral retargeting which is one of the online marketing tools that are being used by many websites. The basic aim of retargeting is to turn the traffic into potential costumers. When you use online advertisement then you may be able to draw traffic at your website but most of them leave the site without making any purchase without subscribing. So if you want to earn costumer then you can use retargeting and focus on the people who visit your site but do not subscribe. When you use retargeting then a code is placed on your website and when a visitors visit your website then a cookie from the site is placed in his computer. It helps you to determine the target visitors and build a list based on them.

Once you have a list of potential customers based on the cookies, you can use retargeting under which your website’s display ads are shown to the visitors again and again. This reminds the costumers of your brand again and again and the chances of them subscribing to your site may increase. This is why many of the websites are now choosing retargeting to get quality traffic at the site and it also helps them to increase the sales of their products and services.

Explain link farming

Link farming refers to an internet marketing tool in which a website can use a link to divert its own traffic to another website. It helps the publisher to get revenue by advertising the link and is considered to be effective in promoting one’s website. Link farming is considered to be useful for the publisher and the advertiser. The former gets to earn revenue while the latter gets to promote his website and get more traffic at it. It can create links between different related websites and market them. Using link farming enables websites to get better ranking also as the page rank does consider the back links while calculating the website’s ranking.

To gain better traffic through link farming the advertiser should try to advertise the link on a site that is relevant to it and enjoy a good traffic as well. The publisher that you choose should have a good traffic as that ways you may be able to divert a percentage of that traffic to your own website. It is best to avoid a spam website which is full of links because in this case the link is not considered by the search engines and you may not be able to get the desired traffic as well.

What is Black hat SEO, also called Spamdexing?

Black Hat SEO or Spamdexing is a type of SEO (search engine optimization) and is the process of using the different technique, SEO strategies and other tactics aggressively so that the website can enjoy a better ranking with the search engine. In this type of SEO, the person is concerned about SEO only and may not consider whether the information given on the page is relevant to the users or not. The page may be over stuffed with SEO keywords and may invisible text that can be read by the crawler. This kind SEO is not made according to the search engine’s guidelines and is only focused on SEO.

Using Black Hat SEO for getting quick financial return is not considered to be ethical and may actually get your website banned by the search engine. It is best to avoid this kind of SEO practice as it is fruitful in the long run. It is generally used by people who just need to get high financial returns and are not affected by being banned from the Search engines. Thus this kind of SEO is considered by sites which are looking for short term gains and they use keyword stuffing in the webpage to appear in the search engine’s result.

Best place to buy website traffic

Buying website traffic is an easy way to promote your business to target consumers and get them to your website. You can use it improve your business sales easily and can thus consider the best place to buy website traffic. In order to buy good traffic, it is important to understand the meaning of traffic. Traffic refers to the number of visitors that come to an online website. Just like visitors at a shop, they are the prospects. When you get more visitors then that means high number of prospect , higher number and conversion and more sales. This is how you to get to do more business. So when you buy website traffic you get to reach out to your target consumer.
 It is important to buy the traffic package from the best places as that would help you to enjoy a better returns on investment. They can help you make the package more efficient so that you get relevant or targeted traffic at your business. Quality traffic helps in higher number of conversion and is considered to be more cost effective. To know more about such traffic packages that can promote your search engine ranking as well, you can visit

Types of SEO tools?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and is responsible for the ranking that your page gets with the search engine. Optimizing it can help your website to enjoy a good ranking and this would help you to get better traffic at your site. There are different kinds of SEO tools that are used by the web development companies that help you with this service. The basic tool that is used is the Keyword SEO where the website is optimized with the right keywords so that the site is indexed and appears on the search engine result page.

The next kind of SEO tool that helps in getting a good ranking is creating backlinks. You can use different products and create backlinks through it to get a better website ranking.
Then there are on page SEO tools and off page SEO tools as well. In the former, the website is optimized for a particular keyword. Special SEO software tools are also available for this which helps in setting the page and uses title tag, meta tags etc. for optimizing the same. Using article directories, link farming, right SEO keywords and other such things can help the different websites to get better ranking and traffic on their site.

What is a Spider?

In terms of internet, spider refers to BOT or the web crawler which is basically an automated computer program that takes in an order and executes it just like a Robot. The spider crawls over the different web pages and captures the content that is there on the page. It stores a copy of the page and helps the search engine by providing the information. When a user searches for something through the search engine then the search engine processes the data that has been stored by the spider and index it which helps it to provide the user with the required data at a faster speed. Thus the spider or the web crawler essentially helps a search engine to come up with the relevant data.

Some of the people also use the spiders to get crawl over different web pages and get them specific information. For instance, the web spider can be used for getting email addresses that can then be used for email marketing and is also used for spamming. The web crawlers also look out for new changes in the already crawled websites and monitors then to note for the changes and provide with the most relevant search results. Getting your website spidered is therefore important to show up in the SERP.

Best social media advertising

Social media is one of the most popular means of advertising and promoting your business. A number of websites have their own social media accounts so as to reach out to potential consumers and increase their sales. There are various platforms that can be chosen but the trend has been showing a shift towards Instagram and Facebook. In the present scenario, there are 6 leading social media advertising platforms that are known to provide good results. Currently the best social media advertising are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. If you also have an online business and need more traffic then you can also advertise through these platforms.
There are millions of users for these social media platform and advertising on them enables you to reach out to these users across the world. These advertising platform also give you to ease to identify your target consumers and promote your business specifically to them by using special keywords. You can also run advertisement campaign that can reach out to the target consumers and give you more subscribers for your business. More subscribers or followers help you to promote your business better and increase the sales easily. To know more about the best social media advertising platform and ad campaign you can contact

What is SERP?

SERP is the abbreviated form for Search Engine Results Page. It refers to the search results that the search engine yields for the user. The page that displays the search engine result is therefore called as SERP. It can include the listing. It generally includes three kinds of listing – listing that have been indexed by human, paid listings, and the ones that are searched and indexed by the web search BOT or the crawlers.

When a user enters a keyword in the search engine the search engine comes up with a list of websites that may be related to the keywords and may be useful to the user. The result page is what is referred to as SERP. It generally contains a list of web pages which are listed out on the basis of their ranking. The title of the page, summary and the link to the page is mentioned in the index and the user can click on it to get to the website which may be relevant to his search.

The different search engines may have different kinds of SERP listing that may include sponsored links, images, videos, organic search, maps, contextual listing or listing based on the search engine’s algorithm.