GDPR and facebook advertising

GDPR refers to General Data Protection Regulation that offers protection for data to an individual in Europe. It is a new data privacy that was introduced in 2018. This is applicable for people in Europe. If you are advertising or trying sell products and services to people based in Europe then the GDPR rule would be applicable.  So if you are using facebook advertising in Europe then you need to advertise as per the GDPR. However, you need not worry as Facebook targeting is designed as per GDPR.
It enables you to reach out to the target consumers and promote the business to them and collect their data. However, you need to be transparent and may need to obtain consent from the target consumers. This is especially applicable if you are using Facebook pixel advertising for promoting your business to the target consumers.
Getting the consent from the target consumers is not tough and you need to inform the people about your intention. You need to let them know why you are tracking the data, what is being tracked and how. If they agree then you can collect the data through facebook advertising. So your ad should carry the consent and you can use it reach out to the Europe base consumers. To know more get in touch at