Types of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your online business. The advertisers can choose from the different types of email marketing and use the one that can promote their products and services better. They are broadly divided into four categories- newsletter email marketing, quick announcement emails, catalog email and press releases. The newsletter mail marketing is where the email is sent to the subscribed members at a regular interval. It informs the target clients about new products or the special service that are being rendered by the online business. The catalog email marketing is generally in the form of a catalog that is sent to bulk target consumers to inform them about the different products and services that are sold by the online company. The quick announcement emails are also referred to as the postcard email wherein the email is sent to subscribers to inform them about any latest changes or developments. In press releases, the email is again sent to the subscribers so that they can get to know about the media coverage.

If you don’t have subscribers and still want to use email marketing to promote your website then you can buy email database through the online media company. You can then send bulk emails and reach out to them to inform them of your products and services.