Buy eMail Inventory on Cost per Click basis, advertisers pay only for valid clicks generated

Buying email inventory is a good way to promote your business to the target consumers. If you are using email marketing it enables you to promote your business to the target consumers through email. With email inventory, you get the address of the people who may be your potential clients. People may find your email to be useful and visit the website through it. There may also be people who do not view the email and your investment on the email inventory may go wasted.
 In order to make your email marketing campaign more effective, you can buy eMail inventory on cost per click basis where you need to pay only for valid clicks generated. This means that you need to pay only for the emails where the user clicked on the mail and gets to your website through it. This helps you to get genuine traffic for your business and makes your ad campaign more cost effective as well. Such inventory may cost higher than the normal packages but then you enjoy a higher click through rate which is effective for your business. To know more about the email inventory where you get to pay for valid clicks only, you can visit