What is fraud click?

Advertisers who use PPC advertisement in their campaign may be aware of fraud click or click frauds as they are commonly called. It refers to a fraudulent practice where software is used that clicks on the PPC ads on its own. The click is recorded by the advertiser and the publisher but it does not really help the advertised site to get any real traffic. an advertise uses the PPC ads to each out to the target consumers and inform them of his site so that it may help him to get better traffic as well. But when the publisher uses the click fraud software on the ad then the software clicks on the ad automatically but the site doesn’t get real traffic. The click is registered by the site and the publisher gets to earn revenue. The advertiser may however face a loss in this case as the ad campaign as efficient as it seems to him. To avoid click frauds and get genuine traffic on your website it is best to use advertisements with cookies. It helps you to register the unique visitors who visit your site and helps you to get genuine traffic only. Using Cost per action ads can also help the advertisers to avoid the fraud clicks.