What is cookie?

The cookie here does not refer to the eatables ones but to the text files that are stored on your computers. The text files or the cookies are sent by websites that you visit and are stored on your computer at a specific location. These cookies are also referred to as web cookie, HTTP cookie or browser cookie. The web server sends the cookie to your web browser and it is retrieved every time you open a page from the particular server. It helps the server to identify the user with the help of the retrieved cookie. For instance, when you visit a website that asks you to fill an online form then the information is sometimes stored in the text file or cookie. Whenever you visit a website which is related to the particular web server then you don’t have to fill similar forms the information is retrieved from the cookie. It is mostly used to store a user’s id so that when he visits the website again he doesn’t have to retype it again.

The cookies can not essentially harm your computer or infect it with virus and are considered to harmless. However, hackers and spy ware software can get these cookies from your browser and use the information to invade into your privacy.