What is a directory?

Directory here refers to a web directory that stores the web resources on it just like a telephone directory stores numbers on it. It is also referred to as web directory or link directory as it helps in linking a site with the other web sites. The directory is also known to categorize the links on the basis of their categories and sub categories. The categorization done by website is not on the basis of a keyword or as per a single page. Instead, the directory takes into account the complete webpage and then categorizes it. The entries that one finds on a web directory are also not listed out by spiders as in case of search engines. The entries listed are in fact mostly found by humans who view the website and then categorize it.

The web directories may search for the different websites and link it directly. However, the website owners also have the ease to submit their site so that it may be included in the web directory. The submission is reviewed by the editors at the directory and is then accepted by them. Listing your website on a relevant directory and the right category can help you to get traffic at your site.