What do you mean by bounce rate?

Bounce rate is related to the internet and refers to percentage of people who visit a website and leave it after viewing a single page. Many times people visit a particular webpage, read the information on the opened page only and then leave the website, that is, they bounce away. It is calculated on the basis of percentage. For instance, if your website gets 1000 visitors in a day out of which 500 bounced away then the bounce rate here is 50 %. The bounce rate may not essentially indicate anything specific about a website and may depend on the website. For instance, in case of a dictionary website, the bounce rate is generally low as the visitors are mostly concerned about finding the meaning of a word only.
Bouncing occurs due to a number of reasons. In most cases it occurs when a user closes a window or types in another website’s name and leaves the current webpage. If a person leaves a single page on for long time then the session time’s out and this is also counted in as bounce rate. Clicking on the back button to exit the website is also considered to be bouncing and is taken into account while determining the bounce rate.