What do you mean by 3rd party tags?

When an advertiser and publisher comes together to work together then they need a code which can help the advertiser to know how effective the ad campaign has been for him. Using a code or a tag on the advertisement would help the advertiser to count how many people have come to his site through the ad. The publisher also uses a tag or code to count the number of people who may have clicked at the ad and have been directed to the advertised site. The publisher’s tag count may however vary from the advertiser’s tag count due to server errors. In order to avoid the confusion here, the publisher and the advertiser opt for 3rd party tags that can provide him with a mutual answer. They can both use the 3rd party tags or scripts that are provided for free or at a very low price. Setting up the 3rd party tags is quite easy as they are well developed and come along with installation guideline. The third party tags help the advertiser to collect the visit statistic and also help him to know from where the traffic came. Most of the website relies on them to get the accurate visit statistics.