What do you mean by display advertising?

An advertisement on display, which is visible to the people, is called as a display advertisement. It is very popular with different medias and is especially more so with online marketing. The different kinds of display ads are used by the online businesses to attract the target consumers to their own site and get better traffic. These ads are considered to be effective as they are noticed by the target consumers and are interactive. Click on the display ad diverts the user to the advertised website and helps the advertiser to get quality traffic. Different kinds of display ads are available to the advertiser and he can choose them to get better traffic. The main thing here is that the ad should be advertised efficiently and should be attractive so that more people get to notice it and may visit the same.

Using contextual display ads in the form of popunder ads, popup ads, banner ads etc is very effective in promoting one’s website. The advertiser needs to use attractive videos, graphics and text which can help him to draw the user’s attention to his own site and get him to his site. He can then turn the visitor into potential clients and make the display advertising campaign more successful.