What are proxy servers?

The proxy servers refer to the servers that link the clients and the web server and are very important in web world. When a user sends in a request to a server, the proxy server reads it first and acts on it. It manages the traffic on the network and ensures that it is fast. For this is reads the user’s request and caches the pages that are popularly used by the user. This way all the information from the page is not downloaded again and it helps the user to open the site at a faster speed. It then uses the web server only when the user needs some new information and helps in reducing the web server’s load.

Some of the companies also use the proxy servers for logging purpose to maintain a record of who logged when and for how long. It is also known to censor or block the site that the user wishes to avoid. Thus it can be placed on the user’s computer directly and he can put parental control or security control on it to make sure that his personal information is safe. Thus the proxy servers have a number of benefits and are therefore considered to be very important.