What are remnant ads?

Remnant ads exist in all sorts of media channels which are used for advertising and refer to the media space that remains unsold. It exists in TV, radio, newspapers and online ads also and is generally available at discounted prices.  In case of the internet advertisements, the important spaces are generally sold at very high price and are sold through a bidding system. The less important space is left to the advertisers and is provided at discounted price. This is what is called as remnant ads and is preferred by the advertisers who do not have a high advertising budget. Fro instance, when you choose TV ads then the morning time advertisement may be available to you at a lower price as compared to the prime time. It would help you to reach out to limited costumers only but would still advertise the company.

It is important for a website to get traffic and for that advertising the site is essential. The website owners or online businesses who work with limited budget and are setting up the site initially may find it difficult to invest in high priced advertisement. They can easily buy remnant ads online that can help them to gain some amount of traffic.