What are rich media ads?

When you see online ads, you might have come across ads that have videos and graphics playing in it. These are called as rich media ads. The rich media ads make use of interactive media and this is why it is referred to as rich media ad. It includes videos and audio which start playing when a user moves the mouse over them or clicks on the ad. This term was first used by Intel and they are considered to be very popular with the users.

In Rich media ads the advertiser uses interactive ads in the form of video, animation, audios etc which manages to catch the user’s attention easily. Such ads are known to get better response from the viewers and this is why the advertisers try to use them in their ad campaign. Clicking on the rich media ads plays it or at times it also takes the viewer to the advertised website. In some cases the video or sound may start automatically and this may not be liked by the viewers. Repetitive ads are also avoided by the user and the page also takes a little time in opening. So it is better to choose the rich media ads that are operated manually by the user.