What are push ads?

The advertisement that is pushed towards a user even when he hasn’t asked for it is called as push ads and is prevalent in all kinds of media channels. For instance, when we browse through a magazine then we may see a number of advertisements there. We didn’t ask for the ads but they are still there and re noticed by us. The magazine gets its finance from these push ads only and this is why they use them. The advertisers use the push ads to reach out to the smaller group of people who may find the push ad to be useful for him.

Over the internet also push ad is very much dominant and can be seen in the form of banner ads, popunder ads etc. the internet user do not ask for these ads but they are still advertised to them. The push ads are considered to be important by the advertisers as it helps him to approach the target consumers and helps him to build a good brand image as well. Using the push ad on another web page enables the advertiser to draw traffic from that page and advertise his own website efficiently. Spamming is also a part of push ads where the mail is sent to the user even when he hasn’t subscribed to it.