What is skyscraper?

Skyscraper in terms of the internet refers to internet advertisements that are used by a number of websites. The advertisement in this case is in the form of vertical column and represents a skyscraper, thus the term skyscraper ads. They have a narrow width and vertically longer. Sometime their height may range from 500 pixels to 800 pixels also while the width is maintained between 120 and 160 pixels. Earlier there was no standard size for skyscraper ads but now the IAB has defined the skyscrapers size and has given a standard size so that the advertisers can design their ad according to it. There are two kinds of skyscrapers ads- normal ads and wide skyscraper ads. While the size for standard ad is fixed at 120X600, a wide skyscraper is 160 X 600. With the introduction of standard sizes, the popularity of skyscraper ads grew and they are now widely used by online advertisers. They are referred to as skyscraper banner ads and are a part of display advertisement. One can add buttons and graphics to this ad to make it look more alluring and can easily reach out to the target consumers. to get a good skyscraper ad for promoting your business you can contact an online media company which can help you with the same.