Explain link farming

Link farming refers to an internet marketing tool in which a website can use a link to divert its own traffic to another website. It helps the publisher to get revenue by advertising the link and is considered to be effective in promoting one’s website. Link farming is considered to be useful for the publisher and the advertiser. The former gets to earn revenue while the latter gets to promote his website and get more traffic at it. It can create links between different related websites and market them. Using link farming enables websites to get better ranking also as the page rank does consider the back links while calculating the website’s ranking.

To gain better traffic through link farming the advertiser should try to advertise the link on a site that is relevant to it and enjoy a good traffic as well. The publisher that you choose should have a good traffic as that ways you may be able to divert a percentage of that traffic to your own website. It is best to avoid a spam website which is full of links because in this case the link is not considered by the search engines and you may not be able to get the desired traffic as well.