What is reciprocal link?

Many times one can see two related websites advertising each other’s link. In other words they have an agreement where both of them have hyperlinks that take the visitor the other one’s website. This practice is called as reciprocal link and is considered to be very good for online marketing. It helps in promoting two-way traffic between website and helps them to get better web traffic. The links provided in this case is also taken into account by search engines and can help you to get a good page ranking. As per this practice, the advertiser gets to be the publisher and vice a versa.

Using reciprocal link is very important if you want to get better traffic and also want to improve your ranking with the search engines. When you use reciprocal link then you can use barter system instead of paying the other website for advertising your link. This is therefore within your budget and can be good for your website. The more reciprocal links you create the better response you get. So in order to benefit through the links you can contact an online media company that can design the same for you and help you get better result and better search engine rankings.