What is CSS?

CSS is the abbreviated form for Cascading style Sheet and refers to a language that is used by the website developers for designing the websites. It helps him to determine how the particular site should appear. He can use the same CSS for designing a group of similar web pages so that they may be able to maintain a consistent look on the entire website. It makes it easy for him to design the other pages of the website so that they all may look same.

The CSS is added to the HTML which is used for creating and makes it easy for the web developer to gain more control on the appearance of the page. He can use the CSS to determine where the banners should be placed, where he wants the images and can also use it to determine the different font styles that he wants to use on the page. CSS is very useful for the web developer as it makes his work easier. He can design one page of the website then use the same style sheet to design the other pages as well. It maintains the similarity between the different webpages and is therefore quite useful.