CPC Text advertising

CPC is the abbreviated form for Cost per Click and is an integral part of online media. The CPC Text advertising is popularly used in the ad campaigns as it promotes traffic and is beneficial for the different website. It works on the affiliate marketing model where the advertisers uses CPC text advertising which is displayed on another website. It is a target keyword best module under which the advertisement is related to what the user is searching for. Since it matches his search he is likely to click on the text ad and is then directed to the advertised website.

In CPC text advertising, the advertiser needs to pay to the search engine or to the affiliated website only if their visitor clicks on the ad link. It is quite an economical advertisement model where the minimum cost an advertiser may have to incur is 2 cent only. Since it is keyword based advertising, it yields a better result and is more efficient. Some advertisers prefer to use this CPC text advertising in their campaign as it enables them to reach out to the target clients and is economical as well. The ads here are placed on related website so that the traffic can be diverted to the advertised site more efficiently.