What is Banner Exchange?

Banner exchange program is quit popular online and is a means by which a website can advertise itself over a network without any cash outflow. In this kind of advertisement campaign, barter system is used under which the advertiser needs to give at least two ads on his webpage. In other words, if you want to advertise on a network without paying money then you can choose the banner exchange program. You can provide a platform to other website so that they may use it to advertisement their own website and in exchange you can advertise your website.

In this kind of campaign, a credit system is followed. When you display other website’s ad on your page then you get a certain credit point for that. When the point reaches a certain rate then it can be exchanged against an ad. This means when you have enough credit points then you can redeem that and advertise your website on other pages without any cash transaction. It is quite popular with the advertisers and is thus used by many of them. If you wish to use this in your campaign then you can contact a good online media company and be a part of networks that deal with banner exchange programs.