How does Alexa Ranks help website?

Alexa was initially a special toolbar which can be added to a browser as an add-on extension tool. Using this can turn out to be beneficial as it helps you to identify the traffic that you are receiving at your website. It also sent the user data to the server where it identified the website that the user visited and also sent his I.P. Address to the server. Now it has developed the Alexa Rank which is a ranking system that helps you to know about the most popular websites through it. It uses the web traffic data to provide the ranking. When the web ranking is low then it means that the website is more popular.
Using the Alexa rank can help you to get the rankings for the different websites. If you are planning for affiliate marketing then promoting your business on the websites with low ranking can be useful. With Alexa rank you can easily identify the best website for affiliate marketing easily. Similarly, if you have a good ranking then you can use the Alexa Rank for pitching your web space to advertisers and get revenue through it. To know more about Alexa rank you can visit us at