What is URL?

URL refers to Uniform Resource Locator is related to the web world and refers to the unique address of a particular page on the internet. Typing in the URL in the address bar directs the user to the particular web page or file on the internet. No two website or webpage can have the same URL and is thus a unique address. The URL consists of a protocol and the domain name which specifies the location of the particular file. For instance, in case of the internet the protocol that is used in the URL is http.

The URL can be used for a text file, image or any other kind of resource on the internet. Thus every website and ever web page has a unique URL and directs the user to it. Apart from the protocol and domain name, the URL also consists of forward slashes which distinguish between the different files and folders. The URL was created in 1994 and has a fixed syntax that combines slashes, semi colon and dots along with numbers and alphabet. As per the syntax, the protocol is written first and is followed by semicolon, two forward slashes, domain name or IP address, port number and then the path of the resource.