What is adagency?

Adagency stands for Advertising Agency, An adagency is a company that looks after advertisements of another company and helps promote its product and services. It creates, plans and handles the advertisement campaigns for the different companies so that they may be able to reach out to the target clients. They handle the print ads, television ads and the radio ads. These days internet advertising has also become popular with the companies and is offered by some of the good ad agencies.

When it comes to online media, the adagency prefer to use PPC model in the ad campaign. Under this they may make use of banner ads, popunder ads, popup ads and other such tools that is noticed by the target clients and impresses them. These ads are placed or linked with other website and the visitors from that site are directed to your site through these ads.

The SEO agencies are now providing the costumers with the promotional services which enable them to get a good traffic on their website. They can now make use of social media marketing and other such tools that can help them promote their website through book marking and through blogging. Many of the SEO adaganecy and web development company now offer this service to their clients.