What is PPC?

PPC is the abbreviated form of Pay per Click and is one of the tools that are used in online advertisement. In this kind of advertisement, a website advertises itself on another website in the form of banner ads, floating ads, popunder, and popup or in other ways. When the visitor visits the host website he notices the ad. In case he clicks on it then he diverted to the advertiser’s website. The advertiser then needs to pay a certain amount to the host website for advertising and for diverting the traffic to site. He only needs to pay when the visitor clicks on the ad and thus the term Pay per click.

This kind of advertising tool is very popular with the website owners who wish to reach out to the target market. They can either opt for a fixed amount system or bid for a keyword and choose it to advertise their website. In order to use PPC in your advertising campaign, you can contact a good web development firm that deals in advertising campaigns and can use PPC for your website. The PPC advertising makes use of affiliate marketing model and is very effective in reaching out to the target consumers.