What is a popunder?

Popunder is generally associated with the popunder advertisement campaign which is used on the internet. Many websites use the popunder ads in their advertisement campaign as it is considered to be effective. The main purpose of the popunders is to divert traffic to your website and help you get better traffic. It is somewhat like a popup advertisement wherein the ad opens up in a new widow. However the difference lies in the fact the window appears beneath the active window and thus it doesn’t interrupt the user.

In this kind of an advertisement campaigns, the popunder ads are linked with certain websites and keywords. When the user types in the keyword then the window appears beneath the main window. When the user closes the active window, he sees the popunder window and notices the advertisement. The popunder advertisement windows can be used to advertise a particular website or to promote a message. This kind of advertisement can also be used to inform the target consumers about sales, discounts and other such information that can initiate sale. The popunder ads are especially popular during the holiday season when website owners use it to advertise the sales and offers and attract the web traffic to their own site.