What is Banner?

Banner or web banner refers to the advertisement which appears on the website. in this kind of ads, the advertisement is embedded within the webpage itself and is like a banner that tries to catch visitor’s attention. The only difference is that the banner is virtual in existence. The main purpose of the banner ad is to advertise a particular website and get web traffic through it. The ad is linked to the website that is advertised through it. So when someone clicks on the banner then he is directed to the advertised site and that is how the traffic is diverted to it.

The banner ads that are used on the website are generally from image and may also be using technologies like flash, java etc. they can consist of text , visuals, sounds and videos so that they catch the visitor’s attention and direct him to another site. The website that carries the advertisement earns revenue for displaying on their site. Mostly the CPC mode or the cost per click mode is used in this case as wherein the affiliate earns whenever a visitor clicks on the banner ad. It is an efficient tool that can be used in advertising campaigns and can help you get good traffic.