What is a popup?

The term popup is associated with the online advertisement campaign and is refers to popup advertisements. These kinds of ads are popularly used by the websites and are generally a part of their advertisement campaign. The main purpose of the popup ads is to get more traffic to the website and diverts people to the advertised site.

In the popup advertisement campaigns, a new window advertising the website or its products opens up along with the window the user is visiting. This is generally generated with the help of JavaScript. In this case, when the user opens a website then a new popup window also opens up over the existing window.  This way they are able to catch the user’s attention and can direct him to the advertised website. The popup windows can be keyword based and in that case they open up when the users types in a particular keyword.

The popup windows are considered to be annoying by the user. In this case the user can use a popup blocker that can block such advertising windows and work on their active window without any disturbance.
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