What is floating advertising?

As the name suggests, the floating ads are advertisements that float over a webpage. In this case, the ad appears when a user visits a particular page. The ad appears over the actual webpage and floats for a few seconds which is prefixed and then disappears. It is a good way to advertise your website or promote your message as they are noticed by the visitor. Some of the floating ads allow the visitor to cancel the floating the ad while most of them don’t allow you to use the mouse while the ad is being displayed.

In case of the floating ads, the web page is designed in such a way that the ad appears every time the user opens the page. The ad floats on the screen for a few second and then settles down on one side of the pages. The main purpose of the ad is to catch the visitor’s attention and if he found it to be interesting then he can click on it and is taken to the advertised website. They are considered to be quite efficient and can help you get good web traffic. So if you want to get divert traffic to your own site then you can make use of floating advertising for the same.