What is Affiliate program?

Affiliate program refers to a marketing campaign which is popularly used by the online media. In this kind of campaign the advertiser advertises his product or website by placing the ad on another website. The ads placed on the website can be banner ads, click buttons, links, popunders or any other form of advertising. When the visitor clicks on the ad that appears on the affiliate’s page, he is directed to the advertised site. in the case the advertisers has to pay an incentive or a fixed payment to the site that directed to the web traffic to his site.

Affiliate marketing programs are quite popular on the internet and are used by a number of websites. Different kinds of options are available to the buyer under the affiliate program. For instance he can choose the pay per click program where he needs to pay every time a visitor clicks on the advertised link. Pay per sale option or the Cost per action advertising model is also available to the advertisers under which he only needs to pay when an action is performed by the visitor. This action may be in the form of sale or registration. The affiliate program is considered to be beneficial and is economical which has helped in making it popular.