What is cookie buster?

Cookies are text files which stores particular information on the browser that can be used again. it is harmless but the hackers and spy ware may however use them to add virus to your system or to get important information about the user. If you want to avoid this then you can use the cookie buster, which is special software. The cookie buster blocks the server from placing a cookie on the user’s browser or computer. Using the software would help you to maintain your privacy and does not allow the websites to track your activities online or to get information about you.

When a user visits a website then the web server sends some of the information related to the user to the web browser. This information is stored in the form of a text file which does not affect anyone. When the user visits a website belonging to the particular web server then it retrieves the information from the cookie to understand the user’s preference. So the text cookie file does not harm the computer or gets it infected. But if a hacker or spy ware software gets hold of the cookie from your computer then that can cause harm to you. This is why the cookie buster was introduced that prevents the browser from saving the information on your computer.