What is caching

Caching is a storage tool on the computer which the data in a reserved memory. When the user searches for the specific data then the cache memory helps him to get it a faster rate. The instructions that are used repeatedly are mostly stored in the cache memory and help the CPU to perform the task at a faster speed. Using the cache memory for storing such information enables the CPU to avoid using the system bus in the motherboard for transferring the data. He can process the data at a faster rate by using the cache memory instead of processing it through motherboard’s system bus. Using the latter slows down the system and this is why caching is preferred.

The cache memory is generally in the CPU and is referred to as level 1. However it may also be on a separate unit near the CPU and is then called as level 2 cache. A computer may both the cache memory. Using more caches in your system can help in improving your system’s performance and is therefore considered to be very useful.  It is best to buy a computer with a built in cache memory as it enjoys a better efficiency and makes the system faster.