What is RSS?

When you visit a website then you have noticed a small box that appears on the page and has RSS written on it. This indicates the RSS feed and subscribing to the webpage’s RSS feed would help the subscriber to learn about any up gradation on the page. RSS here refers to the term Really Simple Syndication and helps the internet users to be updated on their favorite blog or webpage. They are generally seen on blogs and websites which related to news but now normal websites are also using it to get traffic.

When the content of a blog changes or is updated then the person who has subscribed to the RSS feed gets to know about it through the same. The information about the updated content is sent out to the subscribed people and a link is also included in the feed. Generally a summary of the updated section is added in the RSS feed so that the subscriber can learn more about it and if he finds it interesting then he can click on it and is directed to the webpage. In order to read the feeds the subscriber however needs to get a feed reader and you can add your favorite website to the feed reader by clicking on the RSS button that is given there.