What is Organic and Social Media Inventory?

When it comes defining the term organic as per the online media, organic generally refers to the traffic that visit your site organically, which means without an ad. When you pay and advertise your site, the traffic you receive through it is the paid traffic but when you get traffic which searches for the relevant keywords on search engine and then gets to your site, they are organic traffic and are considered more beneficial.
Social media inventory has come up as an important tool as it helps in branding and makes your business more popular. There you have the choice to go for paid traffic and organic traffic. The more inventory or likes you have on your social media account, the more popular your business becomes. You can thus choose from different packages and make your brand more popular on social media. For paid traffic you simply need to advertise on other platforms and accounts and you can buy the inventory but for organic traffic, you need to put in more posts and use the right keywords to get more traffic. To know more about organic traffic and social media inventory and to understand how you can promote your business better, you can visit www.onlinemediadeals.com.