CPC search engine traffic

CPC ads are very popularly used in online media and are a part of many advertisement campaigns. They are considered to be economical and effective as they help you to get the right search engine traffic on your website. The term CPC is the abbreviated form of Cost per Click and is a text based advertisement module. Text ads or XML ads are used in this kind of ad campaign and they are based on specific keywords. When a user searches for a particular keyword on the search engine then these ads are displayed to him. If he finds them useful then he can click on it and is then taken to the advertised site. Thus they help the advertiser to get the search engine traffic and also enable them to reach out to the specific consumers. The CPC ads are easy on the pocket also as the advertiser needs to pay only when a visitor clicks on the ad. The price for CPC ads starts from as low as 1 cent.

Many advertisers prefer to use the CPC ads in their campaigns as it helps them to get the right search engine traffic. It also enables them to filter the consumers as per the geographical location and be specific.