Define Publisher

The publisher refers to the person, company or media which shows ads for other companies and gets paid for the same. For instance, if you place your company’s ad in the newspaper or TV then the media you choose here is the publisher. In case of the internet advertisement, the publisher refers to the affiliated website that displays your ads and sends its own traffic to your website. So if you have a website and manage to get good traffic then you can work as a publisher and provide advertising space to the other websites. This would help you to earn good revenue for giving out the space and would be beneficial for you. This practice of promoting another website through your site is called as affiliate marketing.

If you want to earn good revenue through your site then you can register with the affiliate networks so that you can come in touch with the advertisers. You can also contact an online media company that may help you with the same. Different kinds of online ads can be promoted through your site and this includes popup ads, popunder ads, banner ads etc. Every time the visitor at your website would click on the ad he would be directed to the advertised site and you would get to earn revenue from the advertiser.