Define Advertiser?

In the simplest form, an advertiser refers to a person who owns a company or a website and uses advertisements to reach out to the target clients. The advertiser can choose from the different kinds of media to advertise his company. For instance he can use television, print ads, radio ads or choose internet ads that can inform the target consumers of the company. in terms of website, it refers to the website owner who pays a certain amount of money to another website for advertising the advertiser’s website on his own site. This is called as affiliate marketing and the person who advertises the site is called as the publisher.

Advertising and promoting one’s products and services is very important as that’s how you get to reach out to the target consumers. The website owner also uses different kinds of ads to inform the target clients of their products and services and to get better traffic at their website. It is important to get a good traffic on your site as that is how you are able to do better business. The advertiser needs to pay a certain amount to the publisher for showing his ad and fro diverting traffic to his site. The advertisers can contact online media sites which can help him to design the right ad.