What is Direct marketing?

Direct marketing refers to the program, wherein the advertiser reaches out to the target consumer directly, without depending upon a third party to promote his company. It is popularly used in online media also wherein people use different tools to attract the target clients to their own website. The online marketing can be done online by sending email, newsletter or by sending special coupons to the target clients so that they may visit the site and learn about the new product and services. In case of online direct marketing through emails and newsletter, the company needs to have a database that can help him to identify the target clients easily.

To use direct marketing in your ad campaigns, you need to first encourage your visitors to register themselves at the website. You can offer coupons, discounts and other rewards so that they may register at your site. This would help you to get the required database. You can then send newsletters and direct emails to them which would help them to know about the new development and the new products that are being offered by your brand. if you don’t have the required data then you can also contact the companies that sell database and can provide you with a list of target client’s emails.