What is a Adserver?

The term Adserver is connected to the online media marketing and is a web server that is used for online marketing. It makes use of the ad serving service that helps in placing the advertisement on the different website. The advertiser and the website that advertises their ad are provided with specific software which enables them to serve ads on the site. The website carrying the ad can use the software provided by ad server to choose and display the ad which would help him to earn more revenue. The ad server is also known to monitor the progress of the advertising campaigns and maintains how many times an advertisement has been clicked on.

Using the ad server enables the advertising company to show different ads to the visitors. For instance, in case someone is visiting a website and has viewed the ad then the next times he visits it, another ad would be shown to him. Similarly if he refreshes the page then also the ad on the page changes so that it catches his attentions and generates revenue for the website. The ad server helps you select the target consumers and then display the ad to them only.