What is SERP?

SERP is the abbreviated form for Search Engine Results Page. It refers to the search results that the search engine yields for the user. The page that displays the search engine result is therefore called as SERP. It can include the listing. It generally includes three kinds of listing – listing that have been indexed by human, paid listings, and the ones that are searched and indexed by the web search BOT or the crawlers.

When a user enters a keyword in the search engine the search engine comes up with a list of websites that may be related to the keywords and may be useful to the user. The result page is what is referred to as SERP. It generally contains a list of web pages which are listed out on the basis of their ranking. The title of the page, summary and the link to the page is mentioned in the index and the user can click on it to get to the website which may be relevant to his search.

The different search engines may have different kinds of SERP listing that may include sponsored links, images, videos, organic search, maps, contextual listing or listing based on the search engine’s algorithm.