What is 302 redirects?

302 redirects is a temporary redirect status which is also a web server function. As per the function, an URL is directed to a new one through the temporary 302 redirect. It is basically a way by which the HTTP redirects the client to a new location for a temporary period. For instance if a client is visiting site and the content have been moved to page b for the time being then this is 302 redirect. The move is not permanent and therefore for future purpose the user should go to page an only. The 302 redirect is performed directly by the browser and the user doesn’t have to do anything. He can enter the original URL of the site on the address bar and the browser would take him to the temporary address on its own.

The move is temporary until the original URL is reestablished. This is why the user should keep checking the original webpage time and again to see if it has been reestablished. In this case the content would again be shifted to the original site and would no longer be available at the redirected site. Apart from 302 redirects, other kinds of URL redirects are also there and can be implemented by the different sites.