Types of SEO tools?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and is responsible for the ranking that your page gets with the search engine. Optimizing it can help your website to enjoy a good ranking and this would help you to get better traffic at your site. There are different kinds of SEO tools that are used by the web development companies that help you with this service. The basic tool that is used is the Keyword SEO where the website is optimized with the right keywords so that the site is indexed and appears on the search engine result page.

The next kind of SEO tool that helps in getting a good ranking is creating backlinks. You can use different products and create backlinks through it to get a better website ranking.
Then there are on page SEO tools and off page SEO tools as well. In the former, the website is optimized for a particular keyword. Special SEO software tools are also available for this which helps in setting the page and uses title tag, meta tags etc. for optimizing the same. Using article directories, link farming, right SEO keywords and other such things can help the different websites to get better ranking and traffic on their site.