What is popup traffic?

Popup traffic refers to the traffic that one receives on his site through popup ads. The Popup ads are one of the popular online advertising tools which are used by many websites to reach out to the target consumers. In this kind of advertising, a new window opens up on the users screen and advertises another website. This is able to catch the user’s attention and may divert him to the advertised website. The popup ads are generated by using JavaScript, html or other computer languages. The popup ad is similar to the popunder ad but the former appear over the screen while in case of popunders, the ad window opens beneath the browser.

The popup ads are linked with certain website and when the visitor visits the site then the ad pops up on his screen. If he clicks on it then he is diverted to another website and the advertised site manages to get more visitors. So the traffic that comes through a popup ad is called as popup traffic. In order to get better popup traffic it is important to design your window efficiently. you can contact an online media company which can help you with your ad campaigns and provide you with good online media deals.