What is IAB?

IAB is the abbreviated form for Interactive Advertising bureau. The organization is related to the online advertising industry and they are the ones who set up and design the industry standards. The IAB conducts research for the online advertising industry and also provide the advertiser and publisher with legal support whenever required. The organization sets the guidelines that are to be followed by the online media companies and advertiser who are involved in creating and designing online advertisement. The main purpose of the IAB is to ensure the growth of online advertising and interactive advertisements. This is why it tries to educate the advertiser and people in the online advertising industry. It sets the guidelines for them to make sure that no one faces any problem. It regulates online advertising industry and makes sure everyone follows. The IAB also conducts intensive research which can help in the growth of the industry. So if you need to advertise your online business, then you need to make sure that your advertisements are in adherence to the guidelines set by the IAB. It is best to choose an online media company who adhered to the IAB guidelines and may be able to design your ad campaign according to it.