What is Display Advertising?

Any kind of advertisement that is visible to the people and contains texts, graphics and other information is called as display ads. All kind of print ads, internet ads, billboards ads and the newspaper ads are types of display ads and are very effective in promoting one’s products and service. It is believed that a picture speaks a thousand words and this why the display ads also manage to enjoy a good success rates. The visual used in the advertising appeals to people and informs the target consumers about the company. Many of the online businesses now depend on internet display ads to get better traffic at the website.

On internet, the display advertising evolved in the mid 1990s and the banner ads were introduced. Thereafter the other forms of online display ads like popup ads, popunder ads etc was also introduced. In the present times, most of the advertisers –online and offline- depend on the display ad to get more clients. Using the right kind of text, image and other element is important as that is what attracts the target customers to the company. So whether you need better traffic on your website or need to promote your company’s sales, you can use the display advertising for the same.