What is Click Fraud?

Click frauds are quite common these days and are bad for the advertisers who invest good amount of money in their advertisement campaign. With this they are not able to get the desired result and the investment doesn’t turn out to be as effective. Click frauds are related to the pay per click advertisement model which is one of the most popular online marketing tools available to the advertisers. In the PPC ads, the advertiser needs to pay a certain amount to the publisher only when a visitor is directed to his site through the publisher’s site. With the introduction of click frauds, the advertiser has to face problem. In this a particular software is used which clicks on the ad on its own. So the ad is not really viewed by human and the click is still registered and the advertiser needs to pay to the publisher.
To avoid click frauds, the advertisers can look for online media company that can help them to get genuine publisher which can help them to get real traffic on their website. a good online company may also suggest better advertising tools so  that you may be able to avoid clicking frauds easily.