Display media advertising evolution

Advertising is considered to be very important for any media and the same goes for the online media. The display media advertising used by the different websites and business online is considered to be highly efficient in this case. The display media advertising evolved shortly after the web world became popular in the 1990s. In fact the first online display ad was seen in the 1994s when AT&T introduced the banner ad. From there on it evolved and different kinds of display media advertising was introduced by the web developers. They have now become a very important part online advertising campaigns and helps the websites to reach out the target clients. It brings in traffic for the website and is considered to be good for business.

Different kinds of banner advertisements are used under display media. The advertiser can use text, image, video and other elements to make the display ad more interesting. When the target consumers click on the ad, he is directed to the advertised website and this helps in promoting it. It generates traffic for the advertised website and is thus very efficient. Contextual banner ads, expandable ads, video ads are some of the popular display media advertising which as been introduced over the years and are very efficient.