What is Text advertising?

The text advertising is a form online advertising that makes use of contextual texts and has hyperlinks. When a visitor clicks on the text then he is taken to another website which is linked with the text and this is how the traffic from one site is diverted to another. This kind of advertising is used by many companies and especially by those who wish to get good traffic at their site. They are used in content, articles and at various other ways. The particular keywords are basically highlighted and a hyperlink is attached to it. If the visitor is interested in getting more information related to that keyword then he can click on the hyperlink and is directed to the advertised or the linked site.

The text advertising is more commonly used in email marketing and SEO based content articles. It is used in newsletters and news article also and if the user is interested in knowing more about the link then he can simply click on it. it is quite effective in reaching out to the target consumers and is therefore used by the advertisers who rely on email marketing. If you wish to get more traffic on your site then you can contact online media company and make use of text advertising in your campaign.