What is Tele marketing?

When a company promotes or markets its products and services over the telephone then it is referred to as Tele marketing. In this service the sales person calls the costumer over the telephone and tries to sell a product or a service to him. In most of the cases, the telemarketer first collects the information about the customer and then calls him for promoting a particular product or service.

Tele marketing can be manual or automatic. In case of manual marketing, a telemarketer calls the customer directly to inform him of a particular product or service. In case of automatic Tele marketing, recorded sales pitches are played over the phone. The main purpose of Tele marketing is to understand the consumer’s requirement and to initiate sales. The Tele marketer checks the past record related to the consumer to see what all he has purchased in the recent past.  They can get the consumers database through partner companies, online surveys and through other means. Employing online media companies can also help advertisers to reach out and identify the target consumers for their company. They can use different tools to get the database or can also buy the database through such companies.