What is Spam?

Spam refers to all the email that land up in your email even when you haven’t subscribed for it. It is generally related to advertisement and is sent by different websites who use email marketing and send marketing mails to multiple recipients. The spam mails are thus used by people who wish to promote their own website and get traffic through it. It is basically a useless mail that may consist of worthless text and is unwanted by everyone. It is considered to be a waste of bandwidth, receiver’s time and resources as well.

Most of the time the spam mail lands up in the spam folder and can be avoided but sometimes the genuine mails also tend to land up in the spam mail folder. If you wish to use email marketing to reach out to your target consumers then you need to encourage people to register at your site. This way your mail would not be considered as spam. You also need to choose the content of the mail carefully or else that can also be considered as spam. So for effective email marketing you can hire a company that deals with online media marketing and can help you design your email marketing campaign efficiently.