What is RON - run of network?

RON stands for run-of-network and the term is related to the online advertising industry. it is a kind of marketing or an ad buying opting where the advertiser can advertise his ad on a network of websites instead of choosing specific websites. The banner ads are placed randomly at different related website. For instance, if your online business is related to games then you can choose run –of network and place your ads on multiple gaming sites. The advertisers who have a low budget can choose the run of network option as it is very economically and may help them to reach out to the wider audience. It is apt for website that aims at broad reach rather than target traffic.

If you need better traffic through run of network then you should advertise your website through an online media company which maintains a large network and have different ad categories. This way you can advertise your website on the specific channels that may help you to get good traffic at your site. This way, if you are entertainment business then the network would be able to provide you with the entertainment channel and your ads would then be advertised on the different entertainment sites and would have a wider reach